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We can all imagine what we’d spend our money on if we were a millionaire: cars, a nice house, etc. But one millionaire decided to be incredibly selfless, using his fortune to save the lives of dogs instead.

There are lots of stray canines who need our love as well as compassion. Many pet dogs require to be saved. One such male is Ingo. Ingo hails Germany however he stays in Goa, India where he began the Canine Holy place to help the helpless dogs.

Around 70 canines are permanent participants of that holy place. He started the Temple nearly five years back. He has been saving dogs and providing shelter to live.
He says that dogs are always welcome in this area through many fishermen don’t like them.

“Most of these dogs are abandoned by their owners, and many of them are female dogs because people don’t want to bear the burden of raising pups,” says Sandeep, adding that people just get the pups and as soon as they grow up, they abandon them.

It is his task to feed the pets, take care of them and take them to the coastline and run.
It gives him a great deal of enjoyment when he aids the canines. Ingo informed that their dogs would certainly quickly be flying to Germany. A female from Germany had to leave her behind due to the Covid pandemic but now they were preparing to send her to Germany, which will certainly be her for life home. All the pets which were saved by Ingo live quietly and also playfully together.

They have actually taken care of feeding times. They are typically fed between 9 to 9:30 am. According to Ingo, feeding numerous pet dogs is not at all simple. So any type of kind of help is welcomed by him. Correct care is given to the canines that live right here.
The dogs are not here. They are fed, vaccinated, de-ticked, and looked after, being showered with love. They have access to the beach areas and on any given day, one can see them relax in the temple’s shade besides playing among themselves on the beach. The main thing is that they are bathed with excellent love there.
They offer varying from sleeping as well as relaxing sofas to dog-friendly gelato, brand-new collars, as well as vivid playthings. Mostly the temple is seen by youngsters and also grownups who develop a bond with them. What Ingo is doing is fantastic work.

However, some people are always ready to help. But all is not always well.

“The local fishermen hate these dogs and they hate me because I shelter them. They beat them up and given a chance, they would not hesitate to ᴋɪʟʟ. them either. So I try to keep them in the vicinity and don’t let them venture farther, where they could be harmed”, Ingo says.

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