Man rescues kittens frozen in snow with his hot coffee

It doesn’t take research to tell us that coffee saves lives from a sleepless morning. And now our favorite hot drink is saving the kittens.

A man had to think quickly when he saw three small cats submerged in heavy snow. Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian oil worker from Alberta – Canada, saw kittens struggling after getting their tails stuck.

The three kittens cannot move and, with freezing temperatures, are in a dangerous position. Trapped overnight, the rescue operation needed to be quick, so Kendall grabbed the only warm thing he had on hand at the moment: a “coffee pot”.

The quick thinker then pours the hot drink over the ice to melt it. To his surprise, the cats started drinking it.

Because the temperature of the coffee wasn’t hot enough, the ice didn’t start to melt, but softened, allowing Kendall to pull the kittens out with his hands, thankfully no one was harmed.

Kendall then brought them home to feed and warm them. After they were fed and warmed, Kendall dewormed them in the hope of adopting them. The kind man then took to Facebook to post about the kittens and tell the story of their dramatic rescue.

He wrote: ‘So today I found these three friends on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely left. The poor things were frozen into ice so they had to stay there all night. Bring them home to feed and water them, they look healthy and friendly. If any of your friends are looking for a new member of their family, let us know as they will need a home.”

All three looked like males and gave them deworming pills. The post brought great news that they are now in the same house and living together. He said: “Today all three mischievous children went to their new home, where they were together instead of separating them, all three were eating and very healthy.”

No wonder the siblings quickly returned home as Kendall’s first post went viral, with many offers to receive them.

An animal shelter, Cause for Creatures, revealed above that the kittens were adopted by a family also living in Drayton Valley.


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