Man rescues and adopts taped kitten on a busy road while others keep driving

A newborn kitten found glued to the curb is getting a second chance at life thanks to the sweet Oregon man who saved her. Chuck Hawley of Silverton, made the disturbing discovery while driving to work around 7 a.m.

Hawley was walking through a busy intersection on Silverton Road – North East just outside Salem when he saw what he thought was a small box in the middle of the street. The cars ahead were driving past a black object on the road that was between their tires so he guessed it was a box.

But when Hawley took a closer look, he realized it was just a very frightened kitten just sitting up straight, swaying like a leaf. She was drenched, freezing cold and literally glued to the street. And NO ONE STOP.

Hawley knew he couldn’t leave this poor cat behind. So he stepped on the brake and stopped the car with the hazard lights on when he went out to save her. When Hawley arrived to pick her up, she realized she was glued to the road and her feet stuck in the road. Hawley started pulling her leg up and it was like a rubber cement block and her eyes were glued to the road. It’s all under her neck and then she has a little on the side, but mostly in the tail and paws.

At first, Hawley thought the cat might have come across the glue somewhere, but then noticed it was completely ‘slapping its paws’. Apparently someone dipped her foot in glue and rubbed it against the pad of her foot.

No glue footprints around it looks like someone just caught her and put her on the street. Hawley took the cat to the Salvation Army Kroc Center, where he served as director, and gave it a bath. He then took her to the Silver Creek Animal Clinic where staff used mineral oil to get the remaining glue out of her fur and paws.

The doctor said she was still quite sticky, still had quite a few marks on her feet and stuck between her toes, her stomach and tail were really sticky also found three small circular wounds under her neck that looked like just a few days old. It is not yet known exactly what happened to the poor cat.

She was really lucky that Hawley stopped and got out of the way. After being injected with a dose of flea medicine, the kitten got a new home with the man who saved her.

She is currently recovering quickly under the care of Hawley, his wife Mikee, their two sons, and their two dogs, Stewie. And the couple gave their new cat a fitting new name – Sticky.

It seems there are easier ways for the cat to find us.

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