Loyal Dog Waits By The Door For Her Dad To Get Back From The Hospital

A very attentive dog waiting for his ailing father to return home, this emotional moment of loyalty is the moment of a very wonderful animal we call a dog and how loyal he can be.

Katie Snyder has owned Leia since the sweet German Shepherd was just a puppy. However, like any other dog, Leia loves spending time with her grandparents. When Katie Snyder sent her dog Leia to live with her dad in April, it was only supposed to be temporary.

So when her mother took her home to her biological parents, Leia was very excited. This was supposed to be just a temporary place to stay, but Katie and Leia’s dad had other plans. Despite her strong personality typical of the German Shepherd breed, Leia also loves to be pampered by her grandparents. Maybe that’s why she’s so attached to them.


Katie explained to Dodo: “Leia is not your typical cuddly dog because her personality is very independent“. “But she loves all of who she is in her own way. Whether it’s lying next to you on a movie night or sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for you to finish watching.

However, one night Snyder’s father had some unexpected health problems and had to go to the hospital.

Snyder’s parents were out celebrating their 40th anniversary when Snyder’s father suddenly had to leave the hospital and Snyder’s mother found herself returning home alone. A celebration that’s almost turned into a nightmare for Katie’s parents. They went to dinner when Katie’s dad got sick.

Due to the current situation, she is not allowed to stay in the hospital with her husband, but at least she has Leia at home to continue to be friends.

But when Leia realized that Snyder’s dad wasn’t coming home, she was deeply saddened and showed how much she loved him.

That night, he was taken to the hospital and his wife had to return home. Obviously, everyone was worried about the man’s health, but by far, it was Leia who suffered the most.

When she realized that only her grandmother was at home, Leia went to the door with the saddest face and just waited for hours for her people to come home. It was so overwhelming I could see how much she really loved my dad and how she was missing him.

The next day, Snyder’s father returned home and Leia was overjoyed. The sweet dog was so relieved and happy to have his favorite person back. Now, Leia is overjoyed to spend the rest of her days with her new dad and it’s clear the two of them were meant to be together.

Dogs are truly the embodiment of love and loyalty.

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