Loyal Dog In The Water For More Than 11 Hours To Find Its Owner And Rescue

According to Queensland Police, Heidi, a fisherman’s dog, was discovered in Moreton Bay, Australia, floating next to a toolbox, wetsuit and other items from a boat that capsized around 6am. Thursday.

Emergency responders quickly collected the tired puppy along with equipment and brought them back to Manly Boat Harbor. The boat had apparently capsized at the time. The rescue team appeared immediately. The dog constantly whines and tries to get into the water during this time. Not long after, the Brisbane Water Police launched an exhaustive search for Heidi’s missing owner.

A helicopter, four police ships, a jet ski and Coast Guard and Marine Rescue Force volunteers were dispatched to find him. After hours of searching, the end was finally over. The same man was found and saved. Adorable Dog saved his master, that’s why. It is truly miraculous.

The 63-year-old captain was found clinging to a sunken boat in the bay. He said his boat lost power and started sinking the night before. He and his dog, as well as the rest of his devices, were separated at some point. Heidi was afloat for 11 hours at sea before they were both rescued.

 Both the dog and her unnamed owner were unharmed, and Heidi was even named an honorary police dog of the day.

“We will take this opportunity to remind boaters to plan for the worst while they are on the water,” said Sgt. Bairstow said in the press release.

The incredible story has won hearts, after the Queensland Police Service shared a touching photo of Heidi’s owner holding her hairy head.

“What a beautiful moment, you can see the love between these two and it’s just adorable.”

These are our angels who are designed to watch over us and shower us with their unwavering affection and commitment.

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