Love Is Blind Cat From Greece Finds A Loving Home In Londoner’s Home.

An eyeless cat has gone viral on social media, but its owner has an important message for fans.

Dmitri, a 3-year-old moggy cat from Greece, was adopted by her 27-year-old owner Emma Pelkiewicz in January 2019. The poor pet was found lost, infected which led to the removal of its eyeball.

But now that he’s settled in with Emma, at her London home, the sweet kitty is thriving. His daily achievements have earned him a huge following on TikTok, where Emma shares clips of his life.

In one image, Dmitri can be seen sitting on the edge of a table while trying to find Emma by meowing and reaching his feet towards her. One person commented on the video: ‘You are the most beautiful cat I have ever seen’.

Another added: “Hi Dmitri, you’re so handsome,” Dmitri could be heard moaning as he rubbed on his belly. Emma hopes Dmitri’s online popularity will encourage more people to adopt pets regardless of their limitations.

Emma told Jam Press: “There is something very special and beautiful about Dmitri and I love that people all over the world love him as much as I do. I really hope Dmitri’s online presence inspires others to adopt animals with disabilities.’

Emma has always wanted a rescue cat, so the chance to adopt Dmitri was perfect. “I live in an apartment with no garden space so I needed to find a cat that couldn’t go outdoors – I was advised to adopt a blind cat,” she said.

‘I contacted a feline charity and arranged a visit with Dmitri fosters. At first, I was a bit shocked when I saw a cat without eyes, but it is very affectionate and playful and I know it is the cat for me.”

Aside from the fact that he has to stay indoors, he doesn’t act differently from other cats. He is an indoor cat because it is not safe for him to explore on his own. When I visit my family, I let her explore the supervised garden

Since his other senses are very subtle, his blindness does not hinder him.

“He knows my apartment by heart, climbs on furniture, plays with toys, catches flies. He’s amazing.’

Emma said Dmitri’s viral status was a “great surprise” and she hopes he will inspire others to adopt.


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