Little Cat Echo Has A Sad Eye. She’s So Sweet And Playful But Her ɪɴꜰᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ Eye.

Echo’s eye ɪɴꜰᴇᴄᴛᴇᴅ are stubborn. We’re having the hardest time helping her get better. Luckily she is in good spirits but please send your best wishes our way.

Still making cookies. I brought his blanket home from the hospital and he is receiving the care he needs in my hospital ward (at home). It still can’t eat on its own, so I have to feed it special food with a syringe. He’s on IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and pain medication. As well as eye drops. Calicivirus sucks terribly. He is in good spirits and loves to make cookies.

Echo and I are grateful for your contributions. So far we have raised about $650!

Not everyone is sick in my house. In the kitten room (PETCUBE is live) there are many happy and healthy babies. Luckily, I received this image last night. If you want to see my PETCUBE, search for JessicaThompson or the swiftie kittens and you’ll find me. Echo is lonely and 2 other kittens are sick, so he has a Mac and Pip keeps him company. I’m finding them in a puddle of cuddling and I’m hoping having friends will help him start feeding himself faster

Still eating this morning and had to dip my feet in the plate. Go Echo!!! You have the world’s support to get better. Echo is feeling better. He is playing with his sick friends and still eats a lot. His eyes are improving, gradually but improving. Here is his early Monday morning portrait. Thank you for all the love and support for sweet Echo.

He gapes and looks at me funny after breakfast. His eyes are still icky, but we’re hopeful. Anyway, nothing else to report. See you tomorrow for an eye exam.

Now Echo has a sore on her right eye. Chances are it’s always there but we can’t see it because of conjunctivitis. Continue the treatment but add to the cone of shame. I had to make him a tiny one until the rabbit size I ordered arrived. He took it off once so I glued it together with duct tape. Let’s hope it continues.

Echo is happy to have time to spare with an electronic necklace. He feels great and his eyes are healing. He runs, plays and eats very well. He hates dosing time but we try to follow it happily. Thanks for all your input and thoughts on this sweet little guy Echo is getting better a lot faster now. He is very playful and is checking out new toys.

He is the perfect kitten. Sincere thanks to everyone who supported his treatment and recovery!

After a short cookie break, Echo is back with it.

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