Lacking Food And Unable To Survive Alone, Salvador Took Him In To Fight His Battle


We often marvel at the resilience of a dog that wants to live. A dog, which shouldn’t even be able to stand, yes it can’t just stand but it’s still fighting for survival.

To say the rescuers were shocked to see him “Salvador” was an understatement. He is a walking skeleton. We can clearly see how many bones there are on his body. Sick, hungry and severely malnourished he needs medical attention and most of all “Salvador” is waiting for a miracle. But he still kept trying and hoping. He still has his heart.

Rescuers put down food and fed him before grabbing him in the middle of the road and wrapping him in a blanket because he was too weak to touch. His bones protruded painfully.


Salvador was taken back to the rescue center, where he was given a thorough evaluation and cleaned up. He was severely malnourished and severely anemic because he hadn’t eaten enough for a long time. Salvador has a long and thorny road ahead, but the dog is already a fighter. His rescuers know he will keep fighting to find himself a second chance!


He was eager to eat and began to gain weight steadily. His new friends accepted him into the herd despite how different his appearance was. In fact, they kept his spirits high and cheerful. They showed him love and acceptance. His new friends were determined to stay by his side and fight with him.

Gradually, Salvador began to recover. He was stronger and happier with new friends. Now he realizes that the food will be there every day with him. You won’t have to worry about your next meal anymore.

This dog’s magical transformation will Blow you away! His rescuers could hardly believe their eyes! Just look at him now! He is a happy healthy boy in a warm, loving forever home!

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