Kittens Were Found Living On The Streets Travel To Another Continent To Search For Their Dream Home Together.

These two tabby cats have come a long way since they were found abandoned on the streets of Kuwait.

They were only skin and bones and were very sick when animal rescuers from the Animal Rescue Kuwait picked them up and rushed them to find help. A kitten was born with a birth defect affecting the right side of the face.

Rescuers also found a third littermate, and they took the trio to a foster home for round-the-clock care. With tireless efforts, two sisters Shiva (chili eye) and Vishnu got well and started to gain weight. The third kitten, Amani, was infected with the virus and had to be separated for treatment.

Despite all the hardships against these “unwanted” kittens, rescue volunteers don’t stop fighting for them. Shiva lost his right eye and had an open nose, but she didn’t let that stop her. As soon as she hurt her foot, she started jumping around and struggling with her sister.

Animal Rescue Kuwait works with rescue partners in the United States to help these deserving cats find permanent homes. When the sisters were ready to travel, they flew across the ocean, all the way to California. Rafiki’s Rescue (based in Anaheim) took over them, so Shiva could receive the proper care and diagnosis for her congenital condition.

“On arrival they were immediately one of the cutest, most affectionate cats we’ve ever met, full of love, joy and so much energy,” says Megan of Rafiki’s Rescue.

“They would make cookies all night and play dog chase all day long. It was their great drive that led us to discover that Shiva’s condition was more than just visible – she became so very quickly and started gasping for air, trying to catch my breath.”

Shiva is one of the most playful kittens on the rescue and is always on the move despite her condition. After CT scans and opinions of two specialists, they concluded that there was no sᴜʀɢᴇʀʏ option for Shiva’s complicated nasal passages.

“The good news is that she can still live a full and happy life. She just needs regular playtime and an air-conditioned environment.”

One-eyed Tabby strode through everything and went on to live each day to the fullest. Her younger sister, Vishnu, is always around, making antics or storming her. “Shiva didn’t know that life could get any better than it is now. She is truly filled with joy every day.”

After being dragged off the streets and traveling to another continent, the sisters have become beautiful young cats and are finally ready to search for their dream home.

“A wonderful couple fell in love with their playful personalities. We let them adopt and they fell in love with their new parents and new puppy friends.” The third littermate, Amani, recovered after months of intensive care. She also made a transatlantic trip to Rafiki’s Rescue.

“We can’t leave their sister behind. Amani finally came to us last month after finishing treatment, and is also currently looking for a home.”

Shiva and Vishnu are living the dream with their loving family, filling their new home with endless purring and cuddling.


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