Kittens Snuggle Up after Running Into Their Garage, She Continues To Help Other Animals Like Her

Late last month, a family from Florida stumbled across an abandoned kitten on a busy road and were able to get her to safety and find a foster home with Dream Rescue by Animal Lover.

When they got home that night, they were surprised to find another kitten near their garage. The kitten quickly ran away when it heard the sound of a large truck passing by. They couldn’t see her trace but were constantly looking for her. “The next day, late in the afternoon, I heard her voice again,” the finder shared.

The searcher looked around her yard, trying to determine the source of the crying. When she realized that the kitten would respond to her “meow,” she called a mother cat to call her kittens to assist her in her rescue. “The kitten responded very well to that and kept calling back.”

Once they were able to locate an approximate location, they began to carefully remove some of the bushes under the tall trees. A few hours later, a kitten burst out of hiding and landed in their garage. “She didn’t want to be caught, but as soon as she was present, she melted. And all she wanted was attention.”

The finder only knows where to contact to get the care and socialization of the kittens she needs to thrive. Both of the kittens they rescued were found without a mother or siblings, and both needed a friend.

Allison Ilcken, a foster volunteer, welcomed both kittens into her home. Polly, the kitten in the garage, quickly settled down and started running around, playing to his heart’s content.

Her new roommate, Sailor, who was saved on the way, is a bit timid and still adapting. Although smaller, Polly is very talkative, brave and adventurous. Allison hopes that her “bitter personality” will help Sailor find her courage.

Over the next few days, Polly continued to grow into a lively, hyperactive kitten that turned everything she touched into a toy. Sailors watched her from the sidelines, becoming more and more attracted.

With Polly around, Sailor began to feel more comfortable outside of her hiding places. Her sassy new friend even tried to make her struggle by grabbing her with both legs. Slowly but surely, Sailor mustered up the courage to go out on the field.

Meanwhile, Allison has a rescued mother dog and her puppies are in her care. One of the puppies, Belly, is very sociable and loves people.

When Belly and Polly were introduced to a play session, the puppy was immediately attracted, while Polly took a minute to find this “strange-looking cat”.

Right after that, the two started to get along and started running around the room as if they had always been friends. “This 2-pound puppy is so insistent on making them instant buddies.” Polly now has multiple play sessions throughout the day, alternating between Sailor and Belly, giving everyone a burst of her bubbly energy.

When Polly is tired, she happily joins Sailor in the cat bed to take a nap. Polly is enjoying the time of her life in a comfortable foster home, surrounded by lots of foster friends.



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