Kittens Rescued with Severe Eye Infections See Bright Future Ahead Together

Two beautiful kittens, Pumpkin and Spice, came to the rescue in San Jose with a terrible eye infection. But thanks to San Jose rescuers, they made a full recovery. The sores have healed, their eyes are fully open and they are now happy, healthy kittens with healthy eyes. They just need a strong treatment regimen and interested people.

That’s something to remember if you or someone you know caring for a kitten has a similar eye infection, which can be caused by a variety of conditions. Sometimes, they can begin to make a significant recovery after just a few days with veterinary treatment. Check out the full conversion at the end of this post!

The next day, the rescuers weren’t sure Pumpkin would make it through. Both kittens are struggling, but she needs plenty of fluids and medication. Things looked grim, both kittens making a remarkable recovery just a few days later. At first, rescuers treated kittens’ eyes every 15 minutes.

After the treatment, the swelling subsided, but Pumpkin’s left eye was still cloudy due to scarring. Luckily, both of Spice’s eyes look a lot better! This recovery process continued, and even Pumpkin’s cloudy eyes gradually improved.

The rescue updated their followers on the amazing progress on Pumpkin and Spice’s eyes. They call it an “eyeball update,” which is great news. All four of the kitten’s eyes continued to improve. They hoped that maybe Pumpkin’s cloudy eyes would have some vision. Aside from their eyes, the kittens are all great, with strong appetites and playful behavior.

By the end of the month, these two are amazing beauties. One will never suspect that they have ever had an eye infection or ulcer and even though they are kittens with beautiful, healthy eyes. Once the kittens fully recover, they meet new playmates and have a great time together.

Although they love meeting new friends, Pumpkin and Spice are still closely bonded and love each other above all else. By the end of next month, these two lovely girls are ready to start a new life together. A “wonderful family in Oregon” adopted Pumpkin and Spice, Mini Cat Town shared.

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