Kittens Found Under Duplex are So Happy to Be Back with Cat Mom, They Come Running to Her

A concerned resident found seven 6-week-old kittens under her duplex last month.

The mother cat was nowhere to be seen and did not return to her cubs. Mary Huckabee, an officer with the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR), said: “They were thin and hungry so the person who found them brought them in and contacted us for help”.

A CBCR foster volunteer took action and welcomed all seven into her home. Meanwhile, the finder continued to keep an eye on the mother in the hope of seeing her return.

The kittens were thin, malnourished, and hungry. Fiddlesticks, the prey of the litter, are in the worst condition. Just when they thought she needed bottle feeding and supportive care, they got a call from the finder.

The mother cat appeared three days after the kittens were found and needed help. The finder stayed up all night trying to catch her, and was determined to get her off the streets.

“When she was found, she was wearing a necklace that was too tight. A neighbor said she was thrown out to survive on her own when a family down the street moved in,” Mary shared. 

Volunteers rushed to pick up the mother cat, whom they named Maze, and reunite her with her kittens. “As soon as she was released from the carrier, Maze jumped into the foster cage. She recognized her children immediately and they recognized her as well.” One after another, the kittens swarmed to the Maze, vying for her attention by pouncing on her or snuggled up against her belly. Maze began grooming them one by one until she succumbed to the crowd of seven.

Babies are adorable from the start, but they grow even more with mom. They love to play and are extremely friendly. They are also very attached to each other and always sleep in large piles, even when there are many beds. The one who found the maze and couldn’t stop thinking about her. Tabby sweetly entered her life around the time she lost her father. She found solace in the Maze when she appeared that night.

She said they bonded immediately. She wanted to adopt Maze after she finished raising her last litter of kittens,” shared Mary. Maze is an incredible mother to her litter of seven and caters to their every whim. She endures their antics and all the unbridled energy released from her tail.Fiddlesticks is catching up in size with her siblings and the thriving family of eight cats.

Maze is happy to be back in the house after a while taking care of herself and her kittens. Now, she has a wonderful family waiting for her and will be loved and cherished forever.


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