Kitten Was Found Near The Forest Alone, Climbing On A Cyclist And Refusing To Let Go

Céline and her husband Daniel were cycling in the central countryside of Brittany, France when they spotted a small flower wandering alone. They stopped to investigate and found a tiny kitten.

Céline said: ‘We were walking a very quiet road through a forest with no houses nearby when suddenly we heard a loud hissing coming from a bunch of ferns by the side of the road”.

“At first we thought it was some kind of bird so we stopped and tried to see where the noise was coming from. And there she was, a scared kitten, crying.”

The kitten is distressed and does not want to be near the couple. Céline lay on the ground and spoke softly to her, trying to gain her trust. When the kitten realized that the couple didn’t mean anything, she stepped closer to Céline and decided that she wanted to be cuddled.

“It wouldn’t leave me. It just kept climbing on top of me and crying,” Céline said. “At that point, we knew we had to try to get her back home.”

It’s a long ride home, and there’s no safe way to keep kittens safe in their coats when they’re constantly on the move. With no other choice, the couple decided to hurry back home to get the car. After placing the kitten in their hiding place, they took off, going as fast as they could, and hoping that the kitten wouldn’t wander off.

When they got home, they picked up a box and immediately returned. “As soon as I got out of the car and called her, she came out of her hiding place in the ferns and ran towards me,” Céline said.

The kitten jumped right into her arms as if she was ready to go home to them. “She spent her first evening with my husband thanks to the grooming session.”

They named her “Mini Kitty”. Over the next few days, the kitten devours all the food it can fit and rests heavily to make up for lost sleep. She is always beside Céline or Daniel to be safe and comfortable.

Since then, she’s been the most cuddly in the family and will hug anyone and anything affectionately. “She’s a lovely cat, very friendly and playful. As soon as she hears us wake up, she runs up the stairs to greet us by purring and headbutting us,” Céline said.

Mini Kitty is equipped with a loud purr engine. It doesn’t matter who you are, Mini Kitty will hug anyone who can cuddle. She is the youngest member of the family (they have a dog and another cat) and the most cuddly. Mini Kitty snuggles up with her canine friend for a nap.

The sweet white flower is so sentimental and has a personality that can brighten anyone’s day. Even Piglet needs a hug

A year later, the cat is no longer small, but there are some things that never change. She still cuddles every day, the same way she did when they found her near the woods.


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