Kitten Was Called “Too Uɢʟʏ To Be Loved”, But Proved Everyone Wrong And Found A Loving Home

It’s easy to get rejected just because of your looks, and this little kitty named Romeo can attest to it. Romeo is said to be “too ugly to be loved” because of his peculiar appearance.

For the same reason, all of his siblings have found a home but he is left alone and cold in the streets of a small Spanish village. Luckily, Laura Llacer of Santuario Compasion Animals spotted him and took him out of that scary place to give him a loving home.

Romeo has found true love in his new family and he goes out and spreads his love all over the sanctuary, to prove everyone wrong that he’s too ugly to find. a loving family. See how loved and grateful Romeo really is by scrolling through the photos below.









All it took was for someone to look past Romeo’s appearance to discover the beauty he stashed within. Romeo showed everyone how blessed he is with a big heart.


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