Kitten Walking on All Threes Ends Up Nestling into a Couple, Making Them His Forever People

One kitten has adapted to traveling with all three and ends up nestling in a couple, making them his forever family.

Kitten Wally was two months old when she went to Baby Kitten Rescue for a second chance at life. He was found with serious injuries, possibly from a collision with a car.

As a gentle, sweetest boy from day one and he’s obviously been through a lot, he never hissed or waved. Once he realizes he’s safe, he’ll snarl incessantly. Wally became increasingly frustrated with his limp foreleg having to drag it around. “He has lost all nerve function in his injured leg and needs to be amputated.”

Immediately after undergoing the surgery, he became a 3-legged boy and started to really bloom.

“It stands on three legs and eats, walks around and even dogs in the trash like it’s never done before,” Caroline said.

He felt an immediate relief when he didn’t have to drag that leg anymore.

Wally donned a lovely sweater to protect his incision while he continued to heal. He wore it like a champ as he happily rolled around on the floor, rumbling with his loud growls. After two weeks, Wally was ready to move more and play to his heart’s content. “He was able to meet Chester (the resident cat) and explore the house.”

With constant encouragement and love, Wally built his confidence as he walked around the house. When there was a guest, the former Otter adopted a kitten. He was ecstatic and wanted to be as brave as his friend. “Wally quickly became friends with the Otters. It was fun to see them play and see Wally come out of her shell more.”

After Wally makes a full recovery, his search for the perfect home begins. Caroline hopes to find a quiet, stable, loving home for the boy he deserves, with a family that understands his needs and is willing to give him time, patience and tenderness.

“I want him to come home with a kitten to play with and give him even more confidence.” That was the moment Wally knew he had found his forever family. “Beth and John love Wally passionately and are committed to giving him the love and life he deserves.”

Wally not only has two loving parents, but also two feline sisters, one of which is also a tripod.

“We truly found him the perfect forever home. I am so happy that Wally is living his best life, filled with safety, joy and love.”


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