Kitten Transforms from Orphaned Newborn to Boisterous Young Cat with Family of His Dreams

A black and white kitten was found orphaned and lonely when she was only a few days old. He was turned into a city shelter, awaiting rescue. Nikki Martinez, an animal rescuer and foster carer, stepped in to help.

The kitten has all the odds against him in the absence of a cat mother to care for. His eyes were still closed, his ears perked up and he was in dire need of TLC. Nikki immediately started bottle feeding every few hours and made sure she was kept warm and comfortable around the clock.

He was found orphaned and placed in a shelter in the city, in need of rescue. With a heated bed, a full belly, and a clean, cozy environment, kitten Roscoe cheered up. When it was a week old, it started to earn a lot of money and become healthier and stronger.

Nikki can breathe a sigh of relief when she finds herself thriving. At four weeks old, Roscoe moved from an incubator to a spacious playpen. He is very excited and willing to put his small limbs to good use. In the weeks that followed, Roscoe continued to hit milestone after milestone, and he made everyone extremely proud.

He learned to eat like a big boy and grew up successfully from the bottle. He figured out how to use the toilet tray on his own and his personality came out. That’s when Nikki discovered Roscoe’s mischievous side and what an adorable mischievous kid he was.

Roscoe will see his adoptive mother come and back to a corner to ambush. He will surprise her with his silly antics, and fill the house with endless laughter. He mastered the art of cornering and excelled at enlarging his photographs. Roscoe has come a long way since he was picked up from the shelter at just four days old.

Nikki and her husband worked as a team to help young Roscoe grow into the happy, healthy, and active kitten he is today. All the hard work paid off when the kitten found his dream family.

A married couple has adopted Nikki’s (Olive) ex, and has a crush on Roscoe. They have another kitten who has sadly passed away and Olive is in dire need of a friend.


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