Kitten Found During Hot Weather in Backyard is Now Living It Up as Spoiled Kitten

A kitten was found in hot weather in the backyard, now living as a spoiled kitten.

A kitten born in the backyard takes on a new life when a kind Samaritan rescued her from the relentless heat. The mother cat and the other children have disappeared. They found her lying on her back alone in over 100 degree weather, so they called the shelter of an officer who had come to pick her up, Haley Waugh, Public Information Coordinator at Front Street Animal Shelter ( in Sacramento, California), shared.

The kitten is just a few weeks old and needs a bottle around the clock. She was found in the backyard alone on a hot summer day

Haley Waugh. Pint-sized feather ball full of sassy, with an aggressive attitude. “She was a bit confused with all the new people and smells, so she spat and spat on the first day.”

After being thoroughly washed and given some food, the kittens begin to adjust to the new arrangements. She’s not afraid to use her microscopic claws and make small strokes to make her point. The kitten needs a dedicated bottle sitter to cater to her every whim, and the staff knows exactly the perfect person to deliver her to.

“I had a rough couple of weeks losing two special fosters, so one of my co-workers stepped forward and held her in front of me. I knew I was going to bring her home to take care of her. nurture immediately,” Haley shared.

She gently placed the kitten in the front pocket of her overalls, and the baby calmed down instantly as he was cuddled in her new cradle. She can feel the heartbeat from her adoptive mother and is content to be a pocket kitten.

Despite her initial squeals and suspicions, “all that changed the next morning when she realized I was there to feed her and care for her.” Haley affectionately named the kitten “Lavender” and began to pamper it with undivided attention. She brings her kittens to work to keep up with her demanding feeding schedule, and keeps Lavender by her side to make sure she is loved.

Haley said : “Now, when she hears my voice, she’ll get up and stagger towards me. She ruffles all her fur and enthusiastically grabs my bottle of milk .” She wiggles her ears as she eats and holds the bottle like a champ. In just a few days, Lavender has achieved promising achievements and is becoming more and more sweet and affectionate. The little girl brought endless joy to her adoptive mother from waking up crying for food to lulling herself to sleep.

With her adoptive mother by her side, Lavender became increasingly confident, inquisitive and a supervisor in the production process. “She is already a sweet and curious kitten. She is very interested in what is around her and always pays attention to me.”

Lavender not only grows in weight but also in fluff. She was supposed to grow up to be a gray-haired cat with tufts of hair on her ears. Currently, Lavender loves to be petted and has someone by her side 24/7.


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