Kitten Chatters and Chirps with Everyone, Hoping to Find a Place of Her Own

A black and white kitten was found on the streets of South Los Angeles and placed in a local animal shelter. She is about five weeks old with a thin body, big ears and a long beard.

Stray Cat Alliance was able to rescue her and arrange a foster home to pick up the worthy kitten. Alyssa WA rescue volunteer, picked her up and welcomed her into her warm abode.

Kitten named Betty Boop feels warm to her adoptive mother when she realizes she doesn’t need to hide anymore. With an abundant food supply and a comfortable crib, her personality emerged. Alyssa was surprised and delighted to hear the loveliest sounds coming out of Betty’s mouth.

She heard Betty’s melodious chirping as she played or frantically chased cat toys. Betty will tweet and chat while trying to smack a moving string toy, sometimes with her tiptoes. She’ll stare at her toy with intense intensity before squealing happily, in perfect Betty style.

Betty has an enchanting look on her face that only adds to her cuteness.

As part of the socialization process, Betty received some much-needed knowledge from none other than Mickey, the resident cat.

Mickey takes all the fosters, so it’s no surprise that he and Betty immediately became friends.

“It only took Betty a few seconds to realize Mickey was going to love her. She chased him, grabbed him, followed him around the apartment and lay next to him on my bed.”

Mickey taught Betty about boundaries and imparted important cat etiquette to help her thrive when living with others. She’s like an annoying little sister learning from her loving big brother. She always has to be in the same room as Mickey, and I think he really enjoys her company.

The hilarious purr had evolved into an orb of energy during the time she was awake. She attracts attention by lovable chats with toys and lives by the motto “play hard, sleep better”. Betty is ready to find a place of her own after two months in foster care. She was chattering and chattering like a hurricane, hoping that someone special would come pick her up and take her home.

After wandering the streets like a lone kitten, Betty is as happy as a house clam. She can’t wait to share her unbridled joy and signature gurgles with the family of her dreams.


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