Kitten Alone On The Streets Grows Into Happy Kitty With Plenty Of Friends

The kitten Fabio is trying alone on the streets of Serbia. But at just a month old, it can be a daunting task for a baby. Luckily for Fabio, two animal lovers who were on their way to share their time with the Dog Rescue Center in Mladenovac spotted the black and white kitten trying to cross the intersection of two crowded roads. They knew he needed help and stopped right there.

However, as those who would save him approached, Fabio rushed out of the distance to observe them from afar. But he won’t go far because these people look like answers to a tiny kitten’s prayers!

It didn’t take long for Fabio to decide that he was happy to have their help, and soon he was snuggled into the rescuer’s arms. The dog rescue shelter told the story of Fabio’s rescue on YouTube, sharing that the little kitten was so hungry that it started biting the rescuer’s finger in search of snacks!

In care, an examination revealed that Fabio had an infection in his right eye, but his stay at the foster home will help him heal and give him time to grow into a healthy kitten before moving in. a permanent home. And Fabio quickly took on the role of pampered pet cat, giving him the chance to be a kitten who only worries about where it’s comfortable to take his next nap or which toy would be the most fun to destroy !

Plus, Fabio really loves good food! And thanks to so much love and care, this sweet kitten will be ready to find it forever in no time. Fabio, an animal rescue team, turned a once sick child into a happy, healthy kitten with lots of friends in foster care. 

Whether they’re a bigger cat, a dog, or even a bird, Fabio is a kitten that wants to be friends with everyone.

And because of an irresistibly cute and friendly kitten, Fabio soon found his permanent home.


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