Internet, meet Kefir, Maine Coon could easily be mistaken for a guard dog

Main Coons are a beautiful breed of cats that often grow larger than regular cats. When we say bigger, we mean a little bit.

On the way to becoming the biggest cat in the world. Currently, Kefir weighs 27 lbs. He’s on his way to becoming the biggest cat in the world. He is well above the usual size of the average Maine Coon cat, and that may be due to his diet.

When adopted by Yulia Minina, Kefir did not want to eat dry cat food. She gave him a lot of meat and he continues to eat it to this day, which is probably the reason for his enormous size.

Kefir is often mistaken for a dog and who can blame those? With that size, he could fool anyone. Yulia is often considered editing photos of her cat, many people don’t believe it can be this big. However, Kefir is a bulky boy, and anyone who doesn’t believe can come see him in person.

To reduce shedding and keep in shape, he often grooms. On the other hand, he is healthy and behaves like a normal cat. The only big problem is that he likes to sleep with Yulia, and due to his size it is a bit difficult to do so. But it’s a problem she’s willing to overcome.

We think this big boy could break a Guinness World Record and will notify you as soon as it (for sure) happens.


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