Incredibly Rare Blue Lobster Caught by Maine Fisherman: ‘One in 2 Million’

A video has surfaced on the internet of an incredibly rare blue lobster caught by a fisherman in the United States. The Maine fisherman called the crustacean the “prettiest blue and white ever seen”, according to the clip that was first posted on TikTok and later appeared on other social media platforms.

Newsweek reported that Blake Haass, the fisherman, shared two clips of his incredible catch. In one of the videos, Mr. Haass can be seen talking about blue lobster and how rare it is. “Check out what we just caught in this trap, we got a blue lobster. I looked it up it’s 1 in 2 million, of how rare these are.”

The video was also shared widely on Twitter. Since being shared Thursday, the rare blue lobster video has amassed over 1 million views with 65,100 likes, 5,623 retweets and several likes.

This is only my second fishing season so I think I’ve been very lucky.

‘I measured it and it was undersized so there was never any thought of keeping it.

‘If it had been bigger, I would have taken it to the National Hatchery.

‘I sent them some photos of the lobster and they told me it is one in two million so that is quite special.

A spokesman for National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow, Cornwall, said: ‘It is a pretty rare color morph to come across, about one in two million chance, so we were amazed when Tom sent us the photo of it.

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