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The beauty of nature is infinite; It never stops surprising us. And if we are lucky enough, we can find amazing instances of magical beauty anywhere at any time. It could be around our city, around our town, or even around our house. All we have to do is stay in touch with nature and breathe in line with its pace. And we will find the beauty of nature coming to us.

This lucky Texan family was greeted with an adorable surprise when Cmycherrytree’s daughter Angel picked a rose for her mother; inside was a sleeping Green anole lizard. This couple’s daughter brought her mother a rose. When the mother looked closely at the beautiful rose, she discovered a baby lizard sleeping soundly inside the rose. It looked like something straight out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie.

The Carolina or green anole is found in the south-eastern part of North America. The male lizard is fiercely territorial, and they have been observed fighting their own reflections in mirrored glass.They accidentally caught this magical moment.

It can be said that the photos have left everyone in awe. The woman herself was amazed at such rare images and said that she would probably never see anything like this in her whole life.

  • How adorable is this? Do you see this cute baby lizard sleeping peacefully inside this rose? And oh my god that rose! I love that color; those rose petals look like they’re made of soft satin!
  • It’s amazing how the baby lizard fits inside the rose! You have to be small to fit the rose petals inside! And it must be quite comfortable to sleep in a bed covered with smooth rose petals. Don’t you just wish you had a bed made of rose petals? I am sure that sleeping in such a bed will do wonders for the skin!
  •  Is it just me or is it like a baby lizard and a rose made for each other? They really do complement each other!

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