Huddled Into A Corner For Support, Sᴛᴀʀᴠɪɴɢ, They Wait For A Mom Who Will Never Come Back!

A litter of five kittens was brought into the Humane Society, Hamilton County, Indiana after they were found starving in a barn without their mothers.

They were born from a barn cat, which one day went out and never came back. Kelsey Minier, a foster volunteer at the shelter, told the Kitten Cat Post: ‘They’re not socialized so they get scared and hiss, they’ll cuddle and squeal at me when I get close to them.

Around four weeks old, five very scared kittens came to Kelsey’s house with the black and white markings you might find on a cow. They all huddled in a corner trying to comfort each other and stay safe. In that case, Kelsey set up a quiet space for them to relax with as much food as they wanted.

Kelsey knows that all you need is time to learn to trust. Slowly but surely, that’s exactly what happened when Gal Galloway, Holly Hostein, Blue, Angus and blue slowly came out of their shells.

“I make sure to hold each one individually and cuddle them, so they know they’re safe in my arms or arms,” says Kelsey.

Confident, one of the kittens decided to approach Kelsey, and following his lead, all of his siblings quickly followed suit. One by one they approached to tickle their chin and caress.

“Every time I enter the room, I announce to myself with the same voice and say ‘Good morning,’ even if it’s afternoon, then I feed them so that we form positive habits and things. They like it. They no longer hissed at me, and they ran until they knew I was in the room.”

A week after they arrived, a bunch of scared kittens had turned into cuddly bunnies. “They competed to see who could sit on my lap. They climbed onto my shoulder, and they all purred and turned into sweet cuddly bugs,” Kelsey said.

When they found their feet, they began to find confidence in playing. “They like to cuddle up when napping, but they have started to separate a bit.”

As soon as they found their paws, some siblings also found their voices, telling Kelsey exactly when to feed. Five-year-olds quickly grow, jump, run and play. Five very unique personalities began to emerge.

They are all ready to give kisses and cuddles to everyone they meet.


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