Houston dog rescue team found in a state of only skin and bones lost in the parking lot

When a scrawny stray dog is found starving and emaciated in a Houston parking lot, it doesn’t look like he’ll make it any other day.

Someone posted a photo of the poor animal on social media and tagged its location, and a volunteer from the ThisIsHouston animal rescue team discovered the photo. They knew they had to rescue the dog now and then.

Several bystanders were nearby but until rescuers arrived on the scene no one had approached the dog. After being picked up by rescuers, the poor dog started ᴄᴏɴᴠᴜʟsɪɴɢ inside their truck.

Vergi Emergency Hospital eventually took over the care effort and reached the same conclusion as the rescuers: this dog was ᴅʏɪɴɢ.

“When I put him in my car, I actually said I thought he was going to ᴅɪᴇ before we got to the vet,” she said.

But Crenshaw said she felt a glimmer of hope as the dog raised its head on the way to the hospital. Still struggling to breathe, he somehow made it to the veterinary hospital. After he miraculously settled down, the vets decided to give him a new name: “Opie”.

Dr Laura Ron said: “He was emaciated. He wants to eat a lot, but can’t because his system is not used to food. We found the mineral he was coming across, which means he ate rocks, bones, anything he could find.”


What we do know is, it appeared to have had no veterinary care, no microchips and no suitable food for months. It takes a long time for a dog to get this way.

Fortunately, Opie hasn’t had a sᴇɪᴢᴜʀᴇs since they started treating him. In addition to being hungry, he suffered a large wound to his leg and required several sᴛɪᴛᴄʜᴇs.

Dr Ron said: “He has several months of recovery ahead of him. But he has spirit and a gentle soul.” However, Opie still didn’t let the injury stop him from showing affection to the veterinarians caring for him. He is a loving animal and just needs a good home.

Dr. Ron points out that wild animals need our help: “There are a lot of wild dogs in Houston trying to survive. You may not have the space or the means to keep an animal, but you can call the rescue, the SPCA or someone else, instead of letting them ᴅɪᴇ.”

ThisIsHouston also posts regular updates on the status of

They shared a new hobby that Opie has developed and take it as a good sign: “Opie has a houseplant and a fake toy plant to match his obsession with plants.” 

He’s still learning how to feed and is growing, his arm wound is looking amazing and his fur is growing up nice and shiny!

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