His Mom’s Overzealous Attention Almost Ended His Life!

Artist isa from pet disneyfication has shared some artwork about a cute kitten who has had a very rough start in her life!

She said, “Noggin stole my heart, and it would be a sin not to share his cuteness!!⁣,” In the sweetest way, Isa shows Noggin’s perfection in the photos. 

“I said it was time to sleep. He said no.”

Noggin came to this world on February 20, 2022, he was only the size of a small hamster. Sadly, many kittens come to this world and soon lose their mother’s protection. Sadly, Noggin’s story is very different. In his case, the mother was in a state of high stress, almost accidentally ending Noggins’ life, as she licked the top of his head to reveal his brain!

After calling for help from Arlington, Licensed Veterinary Technician Ellen Carozza, Noggin received the attention and care she deserved.

This sweet boy has an overzealous mother who licks the top of his head. Harming their offspring is quite common in stressed queens, especially if there is an underlying problem. We’ll take care of this guy, and hopefully we can help close the top of his head. One of my concerns is keeping their brains safe because these babies still have fontanels and they don’t have much coverage.

With around-the-clock care, Noggin at least has a chance, but he’s far from coming out of the woods. He is battling an infection and may have lost his left ear.

Noggin, it turns out, is a true warrior., because a few days later the eyeball fairy arrived.

Soon after Carozza shared the update, Noggin recovered well. Best of all, he’s snarling and attention-seeking. His left ear is tightly wrapped, he is wrapped in a blanket.

“Brother Noggin is doing well, all things considered.”

Soon, Noggin began to gain weight, going from a small hamster to 180 grams (0.3 pounds).

In a few days, he got a big belly and then started to look like a plump sweet potato, and a hot temper!

By mid-March, Noggin’s personality began to bloom like a spring flower, becoming a “very sweet baby”.

His head is healing and the dead tissue has sloughed off.

Although the kitten’s injuries were worrisome, Corozza found much-needed progress with his game.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Noggin posed as “the cutest shamrock ever!” Today, Noggin continues to grow healthier, getting his first vaccinations and playing with beautiful Ambrose, the older white cat.

Thanks to expert care, Noggin will have the chance to have a happy life, one in which he will receive all the love and care he needs to thrive.

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