High School Students Hear Tiny Screams Coming From A Hole In The Parking Lot

Students and faculty at Port Jefferson High School in New York heard something strange as they walked through the school parking lot early last month. Small screams seemed to come from beneath their feet, just above the noisy schoolyard.

They knew right away that a small animal must be buried in a sewer and immediately reached out for help. When the firefighters arrived to open the drain, they discovered nothing. Fortunately, a person named Frankie John Florida – a local animal rescuer quickly arrived with Eddie Stepinski.

After placing traps and cameras in the sewer, Floridia and Stepinski quickly discovered a small black cat hidden deep under the asphalt. Florida fears the situation could become dire if any rain causes sewer levels to rise, which would be very bad news for the cat. “We knew we had to act quickly,” Florida said.

The party waits as they reset their traps. Shea – daughter of Florida, always listens attentively to the sobs of the cat. Just then, they heard a remarkable sound: one of the traps had closed. The kitten was safely on the ground in just a few minutes.

The kitten was brought to the clinic by Florida, where she received appropriate attention and her condition assessed. According to Port Jefferson High School’s mascot, he named her “Royal”.

Royal is residing in Florida until she can find her forever family. Royal was overjoyed to have someone watching over her and had adapted well to life on the surface. According to Florida as soon as she noticed me she started to growl. She asked to hold and play with me and she looked so pitiful.

Although Royal’s story begins in a dark place, with the help of so many devoted animal lovers, she’ll never have to feel trapped or alone again.


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