Heroic Dog From Argentina Puts Life At Risk To Rescue Little Girls From A Wild Puma ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ

When Morocho faced a cougar, Dogo Argentino decided to risk his life to save the two little girls. The Argentino is a large, muscular, white dog bred in Argentina to hunt large game.

They are known to hunt wild boar. Dogo Argentinos were also bred specifically to protect their companions. So that’s probably why it’s easier for Morocho to take down a cougar.

Sofie, the daughter of Cappelletti, and the daughter of their friend, Yoli, are playing near their favorite fig tree, where they love to pick figs. Knowing that the best figs are usually at the top of the tree, Yoli climbs to the highest branch she can with only one problem. She’s not the only one on that tree. But by the time Yoli climbed the tree, it was too late.

Little did she know that there was also a leopard, also known as a mountain lion or cougar, in that same tree. She said, “When I saw the cougar, I was really scared.” The cougar is one of the largest predators in South America, weighing up to 180 lbs.

“When Yoli was about seven feet off the ground, she started hearing noises in the trees, like branches squeaking and leaves moving. She looked up and saw a HUGE leopard jumping off the branch above.”

Thankfully, Yoli and Sophie were able to get up and start running, but the cougar was in hot pursuit. The 90 lb Morocho jumped in to protect the girls. He did not hesitate to run after the leopard and attack it. Yoli’s dad heard the girls screaming and ran as fast as he could.

“I thought it was a snake,” said Tomas Bracamonte. “I ran over. I ran to them as fast as I could.” When he arrived, he found Morocho. The dog was badly injured but was still alive. The same can’t happen with puma… it’s ᴅᴇᴀᴅ.

Bracamonte carried poor Morocho back to the farm. The families are grateful to Morocho for saving the girls. Without Morocho, we would be hurt. It took 10 days, but in the end, Morocho was back in health care. After that attack, Morocho became a hero with a special place in people’s hearts because he is our protector.

Thanks to Morocho, those two little girls are still alive today. Millions of people around the world were shocked by Morocco’s heroic actions.


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