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Though the sight of these poor stray dogs in their before state might speak volumes on animal a.b.u.s.e, the happy endings to their stories help us keep faith in humanity.

The dogs s.ta.r.v.ed to ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴀ.ᴛ.ʜ almost. They began feeding her only little bits at a time to stop her from becoming sick thanks to the small nature of her stomach and her condition, and she or he began to enhance quickly. albeit she still had no energy or maybe the power to face on her own, she was given strength by her rescuers. One day, she was ready to stand on her own. From there she was ready to walk on her own. She began to heal, and this story shows her remarkable transformation.
Here are some heartwarming photos of rescued dogs before and after their adoption.

A loving owner can make such a difference.

From being weak to becoming majestic.

A few months after adoption and now he’s all smiles.

This is what some loving care can do to rescue dogs

This dog’s previous owner left her in a park and abandoned her. A kind person took her and this is how she became two years after.

A stray dog in Iran found his new family in the United States.

One week after adoption.

The dog is strong!!!

This is what some loving care can do to rescue dogs.

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