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There’s something special about shelter dogs. Maybe it’s the struggles they’ve been through, but when you adopt a rescue dog, there’s just something in their eyes that lets you know how grateful they are to finally have a home. This special dog in particular demonstrates the telltale gratitude after it’s finally rescued. The new owner couldn’t believe what her dog did when she got it in the car for the first time.

One woman felt that exact pull when she first laid eyes on an adorable white-and-brown-speckled dog. The woman learned that the dog came from an ᴀʙᴜsɪᴠᴇ background, so she wasn’t expecting it to warm up straight away. The 20-year-old student has seen many pets come and go and was thrilled every time each one was adopted. But when she met Russ, a timid four-year-old pit bull-terrier something about him caught her eye. “He came in as a stray, and he was really beat up,” Kayla told. ” He was missing fur on his tail and ears. He was also skinny. They told me he was about 40 pounds when he came into the shelter.”

Kayla realized that Russ had had a rough start of life. He definitely deserved better. She spent extra time with him and quickly realized what a wonderful dog Russ really was. He was obedient and sweet, starved for attention. “He was just sitting there calmly, staring at me. And I thought, he is adorable! I need to take him now,” she said.

Kayla had other things to handle before she was able to volunteer with Russ. When she returned to check on him, she couldn’t believe that he hadn’t budged an inch. “He was sitting in the same position that he was before, just being quiet while the other dogs were barking and causing commotion,” the woman added.
“He was really cuddly with me, even when we went into the yard. He seemed like such a sweet dog, and he didn’t bark at any of the other dogs,” Kayla said. While hanging out together, Kayla discovered that the docile and friendly dog who was regularly overlooked at the shelter knew all of the basic commands. He obviously was someone’s pet before arriving at the shelter.

When their walk was over, Kayla couldn’t bear to return Russ to his kennel at the shelter. She called her mom and informed her that she absolutely had to adopt Russ. “My mom thought I was kidding, because I always fall in love with the dogs that I take out – it’s hard not to. So she didn’t really believe me, but there was something about Russ,” the young woman recalls.

After finishing classes the next day, she rushed to the shelter. This time, Kayla opted to take Russ for a car ride, she told. “He just sat in my passenger seat. I thought,He’s the perfect dog.’” Kayla relished their time together. When they returned to the shelter later that afternoon, she absolutely knew she would not be going home alone.

The staff was thrilled that she wanted to adopt Russ, so they put on a rush on his adoption papers. Kayla was able to take him home that very night! One thing Kayla hadn’t done, though, was inform her six roommates that she was adopting a dog. Fortunately, they instantly fell in love with him, too.

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