Heartbroken mother dog up her ᴅ.ᴇ.ᴀ.ᴅ puppies and refuses to let them go

After being abandoned by her owner after discovering she was unintentionally pregnant, a dog who gave birth to her pups on the sidewalk has had to confront the worst reality.

Unfortunately, there are many dogs that have to live in this situation in the hands of irresponsible owners who end up throwing them away as if they were old pieces of furniture.

The days passed and the brave mother did everything possible to survive, pregnant and living on the streets, her health worsened with the days.

After trying to carry her pregnancy to term, she managed to give birth lying in a cardboard box. The dog was on the brink of ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ as she tried to give birth to save her pups. Almost unconscious, the mother used what little strength she had to protect her young.

A woman touched by a mama dog called the local rescue team for help.

However, it was not easy to gain the mother’s trust, at first she did not let anyone get close to her, much less her young; if they tried to get close he would attack them, understandably taking out his protective instinct.
They provided food and water and then gently stroked the dog. Finally, the dog calmed down and accepted the help of her rescuers.

They were quickly transferred to a veterinary clinic where they received the medical attention they needed, the mother dog was very weak, so she couldn’t survive. The puppies had to spend the next 48 hours in observation to determine if they survived or not.
Incredibly, the remaining four puppies survived and each day they gain weight thanks to the fact that their mother is feeding well and can provide them with all the milk they need.

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