Grandma Bursts into Happy Tears After the Family Finally Surprises Her With New Puppy (WATCH)

This story reminds us that no matter how old you are, just about every human alive would love to have a fluffy new puppy in the house.
As a lover of dogs, Andrea Hijar’s 76-year-old grandma has had the pleasure of raising several pups throughout her life.

This sweet senior has been asking for a new pup since her last dog unexpectedly passed away last year.
“My grandparent’s last dog .ᴘᴀ.ssᴇᴅ ᴀᴡᴀʏ very unexpectedly & sudden last year & they’ve been asking for a puppy for months. Today, my mom & I were able to surprise my grandma with a new puppy,” she wrote on the social networks.

Del Cima said her family was not planning on gifting her grandmother with the dog, but an opportunity presented itself after they learned a friend’s dog had a litter.


“Everything just lined up perfectly so we felt it was meant to be,” Del Cima said. “Her reaction was far better than anything I could have ever imagined.”
According to her granddaughter Ali, her wish finally came true earlier this month, after Ali and her mom presented her with an unmarked cardboard box. Upon opening the box and seeing the adorable pup sitting inside, the grandma burst into tears.

Ali’s grandma isn’t the only one who appreciated the surprise. The video of her grandma’s reaction has been drawing thousands of hearts and likes on social media.
“Adopting changes your life,” Hijar said. “If a family is ready and with open arms to welcome the little one, then go ahead. That little animal will be eternally thankful for having a family.” And in the end, the love of a dog knows no age.

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