Gentle Giant Atlas is the Sweetest Foster Dad to Kittens the Size of His Paw

This is the sweet story of a one-of-a-kind adoptive father, Atlas, who happens to be an American Staffordshire aka giant Pit bull. Despite his looks, he won’t hurt a fly. Sure, he’s a 120-pound giant, but he’s an incredibly nurturing soul.

Atlas is also a certified therapy dog with Pet Partners, helping the community in the Santa Clarita Valley. Below, you can see how gentle he is with the smallest of foster kittens. Atlas’ mother, Nicole, regularly fosters indoor kittens no larger than his paws.

Before taking care of the kittens, he was very fond of many other adopted pets in the house. Then, one day, Nicole decided to carefully introduce him to the kittens. Immediately, he knew they were meant for him and loved like a foster father. Immediately after bringing the babies home, Atlas immediately assumed the role of foster father.

Dodo has created adorable games that show the sweet adoptive father at work. He lets the kittens use him as a jungle gym but sometimes takes a break and gets into a hammock.

Nicole carefully oversees interactions, but Atlas knows to always be gentle and stay close to the kittens. As they get older, you may find that he enjoys interacting with playful kittens, even when they pick at his ears or tail. As if he knew he was the babysitter.

Nicole adopted Atlas as a blue-eyed puppy from an animal shelter. She fell in love with him at first sight and always knew he would be a great addition to her family. Now, it’s amazing to see how gentle he is with all the fur babies.

As a Pittie, people may find Atlas a bit intimidating, but there’s nothing scary about this dog.


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