Gecko goes viral for can’s stop smiling at toy who looks like him

Are you having a hard day at work? Stop what you’re doing and take a moment to look at this happily smiling animal.

In photos posted to the Instagram account 589_tomo, a yellow and pink leopard gecko named Kohaku can be seen smiling with joy as he plays, snuggles, and naps with his lookalike toy.

This adorable little leopard gecko and his toy are seriously BFF goals. They look like such happy animals in every pic; simply looking at them will make your day! And though we know that gecko lizards cannot actually smile, this little fellow might just convince us otherwise.

Tons of Instagram users have been leaving comments wondering where they can get their hands on a similar toy – but Kohaku’s owner says the toy might be hard to get, as it comes from a humble vending machine somewhere in Japan.
Still, that hasn’t stopped animal lovers from across the globe from expressing their love for Kohaku and his tiny friend, who appears to be named ‘Chinmari.’

‘Such a cutie!’ exclaimed one comment. ‘How is he dealing with his newfound fame?’ asked another. Judging by Kohaku’s smiley snapshots, he appears to be doing just fine.

Aside from being an adorable Instagram photo opportunity, Chinmari is also the perfect cohabitant for Kohaku.

Since Chinmari came into the picture, Kohaku’s adorable pictures have skyrocketed to viral fame, with his more recent snapshots receiving thousands and thousands of likes. Chinmari is the perfect companion as it provides Kohaku with companionship while ensuring the gecko remains physically safe.


Of course, fame often comes with its downsides. Many have criticized Kohaku’s owner for keeping him in an enclosure that has a sand floor; there appears to be a great debate in the gecko-owning community about whether sand floors are potentially hazardous for the reptiles, with many believing that accidental sand ingestion can lead to a variety of health problems. Despite the slew of critiques, Kohaku’s owner insists they will continue to use the sand enclosure for the gecko, as he enjoys digging through the shifting surface. Furthermore, they say that feeding Kohaku with tweezers prevents the gecko from swallowing sand.

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