Frozen cat found buried in snow ‘comes back to life’

Fluffy may have just proved that cats actually have nine lives. The cat was found almost frozen in a snowfield in Montana last weekend.

Fluffy the cat is lucky to be alive after being found injured, “essentially frozen” and buried in snow.

The frozen feline was found by its owner in a Kalispell snowbank late last week when the temperatures dropped to a chilly -13C, its fur clumped with snow and ice

The cat’s owners rushed Fluffy to a local animal clinic in Kalispell.

“They brought her to us basically frozen and unresponsive,” said Animal Clinic of Kalispell, a veterinarian at the veterinary clinic.

Fluffy was so cold her body temperature didn’t register on vets’ thermometers.

A vet at the clinic said that Fluffy’s body temperature was so low it couldn’t be measured on a thermometer that had a range below 90F. According to veterinarians, a cat’s temperature is usually around 101F.

The clinic used warm water and blankets to defrost her, used blankets and a hair dryer to wake her up, and after a few hours Fluffy began to show signs of recovery.

The United States has experienced record low temperatures in recent weeks with some places as low as -49C. They were blamed for at least 21 deaths, the sudden extreme temperatures as a result of the polar vortex. A cat was found “basically frozen and unresponsive” after being buried under a huge snowbank in the northwest.

Fluffy had to lie on a tiled floor covered in snow, it took many hours for veterinarians to use hair dryers on her fur to raise her body temperature, eventually Fluffy along with the breakdown Everyone’s efforts seem to have returned to their usual self.

The cat Fluffy survived and was amazingly successful after hours, it recovered and is now completely normal, the clinic said. “Fluffy is amazing!”

Fluffy will now be a normal healthy cat living in a warm house. Let’s pay attention to pets these winter days, they also need to be warmed. If we spend many hours buried in the snow, we understand how bad Fluffy feels


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