Foster Kitty Gives The Cutest Smile During A Photoshoot And It Takes Over The Internet

Blossom, the cute pet cat, has had a hard time since being born. However, this cute cat never gives up.

Her adoptive mother, Lauren Boutz, did not give up on this adorable little girl either. Just looking at the cat is such a smile that can steal anyone’s heart. A kitten’s cute grin is bringing smiles to everyone’s faces with her very own smile, which has taken the internet by storm after being caught by her caretaker on the internet camera.

Lauren, a biochemistry student in New Mexico, has since found her new pets to be famous online, with her Blossom smile attracting more than a million likes on Twitter.

Cutie: A kitten named Blossom went viral after an image of the cat ‘smiling’ during a photo session was shared online

Not only can it disarm everyone, but it’s also quite contagious. As soon as the photos of Blossom were uploaded by Lauren online, her smile almost broke the Internet.


In the post, Lauren says that Blossom isn’t her only foster cat. She regularly helps out with the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department, picking up kittens in need. She calls the gang the Powerpurr Girls. In addition to Blossom, the other kittens are called Bubbles and Buttercup. So cute!

All kittens are about 5 weeks old and have smiles that can keep you happy all day !

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