Foster Kitten The Cat With Two Steps Like A Hound And A Jump Like A Frog

Adoptive mom Heather from Louisiana adopted a gray frog kitten, whose name stands for “Halloween”. Someone took Hal to the shelter on October 31, 2022, and he’s a little different. He lost half of his tail, walked “a bit like a mastiff” and jumped like a frog.

As often happens with rescued kittens, he also had tummy problems. Who knows what he ate on the street when he was a “lost man”. After returning home, Hal needed to be isolated from Heather’s resident cats.

The mischievous Hal quickly adapted to life in the quarantine, running around with his toys. Heather demonstrates why fostering a kitten is generally a handful. It’s actually easier to raise a duo or a group of kittens together because they’ll play and get the most out of their wild energy together. A single kitten needs a LOT of attention.

Here’s an idea of what Hal tends to do during the day as a lone kitten. As an experienced foster parent, she knows how valuable skills learned from other kittens and cats can be. Then one day, Heather spotted a lonely ginger kitten named Lemon at the local shelter. She doubted the boy would be the perfect companion for Hal after the quarantine period. For a while, they were in separate but visible pens, a nice way to slowly introduce them.

Lemon also had stomach problems, but after receiving veterinary care, the adoptive mother was eager to introduce the kittens. Fortunately, Lemon’s health has improved and the kittens are ready to meet. However, things happened a little faster than expected, when Hal the frog jumped over the fence and introduced himself!

The two kittens immediately started wrestling matches like two frogs happily bouncing around in the pond. Best of all? Then they jump into a forever house together!


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