For Two Long Years, He Spent Every Day In Front Of The House Waiting For His Owner To Return In Vain

Dogs are an ideal illustration of relentless loyalty when it comes to people. An in depth illustration of that is in the story below.

An abandoned old dog in the abandoned residence was reported by a friendly neighbor who called animals for a safe shelter. “A script that prevents me from crying. In the yard of an abandoned house, an elderly dog is resting.”

He had an owner, but the owner died of cancer two years ago. Snow has been homeless and on the street since then. He left the front door in the morning to eat food, and he returned there in the evening to wait for the owner to come back. However, the owner never appeared, making him confused. His depressed expression was conveyed by his sad eyes.

His nickname is Snow. Snow is checked at the veterinarian. He lost a lot of water. Only ribs can be seen because the body is very thin. The ultrasound revealed that the liver and kidneys are having problems. He received the liquid immediately to help him better.

He was really weak on the second day, we spent every second beside him because of this, worried about what could happen if he showed abnormal behavior without anyone. He ate a little since he was hungry. At that time, Tuyet needed nutritious meals to help him heal as quickly as possible.

After two weeks, Snow was well healed and he gradually increased his food. “Snow helped me into a car and appreciated the support. He ate it economically that day, loved life and talked almost.” Snow is a sensitive and emotional young man. He barked angrily whenever he caught me turning away. Perhaps he was afraid that I would abandon him as the previous owner.

Snow’s health statistics remain unchanged. He finally escaped all worries in the future. He deserves a good life, where he is cared for and protected.


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