Fish Snaps Snake And Is Snapped By Another Snake In A Three-Way Duel – Animal Rescue

A three-way struggle between a fish and two snakes was captured on camera, in which the animals compete not only for their lives, but also for food. It’s both hunting day and hunter’s day. Unfortunately, the lesson came too late for a thirsty fish, as illustrated in the viral social media video.

Everything happened in a creek in Kanha National Park, India. The video depicts a snake’s hesitancy after being bitten by a so-called cat fish, a kind of catfish.
The fіrst keelbаck hаd аlreаdy ѕeized the ʋіctіm іп іts moυth апd wаs rаisiпg іt oυt of the wаter to сoпsυme іt for lυпсh wheп а ѕecoпd oпe reаred υр апd Ƅіt oп the ʋіctіm’s tаil.

With its head already in the fish’s jaws, the snake struggles to flee. What the catfish did not anticipate was for another snake to arrive, sparking a three-way battle.

As a result, the two snakes began to argue with the fish, while the fish attempted to escape the uncomfortable predicament in which it found itself. The dilemma of who would have lunch was now at a glaring disadvantage for the fish. However, that was the video’s most impressive achievement. Despite being a stubborn catfish, the fish managed to escape after 30 minutes.

For nearly 30 minutes, the three animals remained locked in the strange posture. The snake that was gripping the fish’s tail became exhausted and dropped back into the river. The other snake had to let go a few minutes later on the wave and glide away when the fish began to wiggle.

Then it became easier for the fish to return to the water and the two snakes running out of lunch. The fish swam away and stayed alive.


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