Family Were Looking For Grandma’s Lost Dentures, Finally Find Them In Dog’s Mouth

There’s no denying that most of us have an endless fondness for all sorts of furry pets, but the most interesting of them are definitely our four-legged friends.

Who can resist their cute little faces, constantly running around in the silliest ways possible and basically their entire incredibly lovable existence, in all its curiosity. will come from their mind.

Today’s story is about a dog with a rather “special” incident.

Lima spotted Luna on the street and decided to give her a lovely home with her fiancé in Brazil. It happened a few months ago and the puppy has really found comfort in his new family.

After getting really comfortable with her new family, Luna was taken to see Lima’s grandmother, where she stayed for a few hours. Knowing that Luna was really comfortable with her grandmother by then, Lima felt safe leaving home for a few hours during lunchtime. At the same time, her grandmother decided it was time for her usual nap.

During that time, Lima’s grandmother decided to take a nap and, as usual, took off her dentures. Before lying down, she took out her dentures and tucked them under her pillow the same way she usually does so she wouldn’t lose them. Little did she know that a mischievous little dog spotted her actions and saw an opportunity.

The mischievous doggy quickly wipes them out from under her pillow. After waking up, her teeth were gone under the pillow and no one seemed to be able to find them. The family searched for hours to no avail.


It took the family a few hours to realize that it was Luna who stole them

But when Lima returned and heard about the unfortunate incident, she immediately searched for Luna, a little suspicious. And sure enough, she found her beloved pet with her grandma’s wide, crooked grin!

And the dog was really interested in everyone’s search

Despite being caught in the act, Luna showed no sign of guilt and was quite amused by the entire search. She didn’t even want to return the dentures. It took a bit of effort but of course, she got her denture back and Luna was back to her usual lovely smile that no one could be mad at!


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