Family finds a box of stickers with an abandoned cat inside

Liliana and Martha were going outside when they came across a box covered with thick duct tape on the hillside. Upon closer inspection, they heard a cat meow and realized that there was a cat inside. Both were horrified that someone was capable of doing this.

They quickly brought the box home and began removing the ridiculous amount of tape that had been plastered all over the cardboard box.

When the little girl’s small head finally popped out, they couldn’t believe her condition. Her scalp is very dry and her face is wrinkled, a face full of fear that this poor cat is in need of love and care.

They decided that this kitten would become part of their family. The first thing they did was give her a bath, and she really didn’t mind, she knew this kind family was trying to help her out.

Then it was time to take her to the vet for a complete check-up and during the journey she was given a cuddly bunny of her own.

She is very patient but you can see that she is very upset as well as very fragile and weak. There, she was given shampoo and antibiotics that started working right away, and she started to get better.

They named her “Phoenix” and before long, she would run up to every time one of them entered the room, wanting to be cuddled and loved every day.

It was a happy day for everyone when they first heard her growl and could see that she had a pretty face, she just needed the right person to take care of her.

She’s starting to gain confidence, her curiosity and playfulness is starting to shine. It’s time to introduce her to the other members of this family, Raine and Olive, two absolutely adorable dogs.

A new family saw this kitten’s amazing transformation and watched her easily get along with everyone. She will be forever happy because she deserves it!


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