Even With Cᴀɴᴄᴇʀ And Her Nose Rᴇᴍᴏᴠᴇᴅ, Senior Girl Coral Won’t Stop Snuggling Her Rescuers

Caring for injured and disabled animals can be difficult. But there are heroes out there with hearts of gold and nerves of steel to make that happen. One of those heroes is Britt Lynn.

Britt runs Happy Tailz Cat Rescue in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Happy Tailz specializes in caring for cats with special needs, especially those with cerebellar hypoplasia, trauma, illness requiring intensive care and precious kittens FIV/FeLV+. Not to mention, Cat Man Chris’ wild and stray hits need extra support.

“Coral” is a precious orange and white loofah. She is like a little ice cream! Recently, she had to have a nose biopsy and X-ray. Sadly, the test revealed a pleural effusion. This happens when fluid builds up between layers of tissue in the lungs and chest cavity. The more common term is “water entering the lungs”.

Pleural effusion is completely treatable, but sadly, she also has other health problems. But, Coral is 13 years old and is living her best life under Britt’s care. She definitely “misses those sassy pants with bright eyes” as Britt calls her when she’s feeling her best! She is very active and uninterested in the world and loves life.

When transporting Coral, she moves in the Super-Kitty Transport.

“Someone tell me how to add a cape here? She will look cute.”

We’re so glad Britt came into Coral’s life and we’re sure that feeling is mutual. Britt also takes care of Yoda, a black and white cat, and Spinosaurus, a beautiful blue Russian baby.

These are just a few of the many others during her time as an angel caretaker! We thank Britt for giving time and effort to these precious kittens who just need help and a second chance. Look at her little feet healing. Her chubby, cute face. With all her struggles, I don’t know if we could have given her a better life.

Although the outcome won’t change, she is a hospice kitten… She is HAPPY and has a better life. That is the ultimate goal for these kids. Love this little face.

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