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If you are an animal lover, you will surely feel sorry when you see a picture of a dog with a desperate face struggling to get out of a building’s vent not long ago. Due to being stuck for so long, he is very hungry, weak. Or the story of another dog stuck for 3 years in a dark and cold alcove in Siberia, Russia… also makes listeners sob. Another dog was in a similar situation recently. It is known that this small dog of this German hunting dog breed is named Libel. No one understood why it was able to squeeze its head through a hole in the wall that was only about 45 cm wide and could not put a person through.

Rescue workers in California (USA) had to dig a wall to free an 8-month-old dog that was trapped. After being trapped, Libel could only groan for help. Passers-by saw that the dog was screaming and immediately called the rescue workers. Rescuers had to dig a bigger hole so Libel’s body could get through.
After more than 20 minutes of using a hammer and nails to puncture the brick wall to let the hyperactive dog escape, they noticed the joy on the animal’s face. Perhaps after this life-remembering accident, the dog will never dare to put his head in any hole again.
During the rescue, Libel knew how to react when he felt comfortable or not so that rescuers could adjust accordingly and could lift his hind legs, said James Hoffman, an employee of the Riverside County Animal Services, California. to be pulled out. In the end, Libel was also saved thanks to the efforts of herself and the rescuers.

Some other dogs of stuck dogs are:

Gertie went missing from her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA last Tuesday. But one day a neighbor heard cries from behind their garage wall and managed to spy the terrier through a hole in the floorboards of the room above. She had fallen down a gap behind the garage and was wedged between it and a wall.

Cincinnati Fire Department was called on Sunday and firefighter Jenny Adkins was forced to smash through the wall.
Jenny was able to reach in and pull the dog to safety after about 10 minutes.

As soon as she escaped, Gertie ran straight over to her elated owners.
But it is now believed that Gertie fell down a hole in the roof of the garage, and had actually been stuck there for the entire time she’d been missing.

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