Dog Who Survived fire House Fire Becomes Therapy Dog For Bᴜʀɴ Victims – Awesome Dog

This is the story of Taka; an amazing survivor senior dog who will let nothing hold him back in life. The gorgeous Shiba Inu dog has a heart bigger than most, and all he wants to do is share it with those who need it.

In October 2018, nine-year-old Taka got badly ʙᴜʀɴed in a house fire. The fire was already raging when the dog’s family realized what was going on and they were left with no choice but to flee the house. The senior dog was sleeping on his screened-in porch in his home in Georgia when the house caught fire. His family had to run from the house, and sadly weren’t able to get to Taka.

The dog Shiba is a blessed one, however, because Taka woke up right in time to break free and bolt from the porch, but not without sustaining severe ʙᴜʀɴs in the process.

A neighbor rushed Taka to the Care More Animal Hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries. Taka’s family came to see him at the hospital, and they decided to surrender him to the hospital. They were worried they wouldn’t be able to properly care for his injuries.

The staff at the Care More Animal Hospital fell hopelessly in love with the tough old senior dog. One VET named Emily Martin began bringing Taka home with her at night.

“He likes his belly rubs, and he loves food, so he’s a little piggy,” Martin told. “He also likes to cuddle.”

Taka did well with his training, and Chrystal was able to keep the pup. In the end, she decided to adopt him!
Chrystal also decided to start training Taka to become a therapy dog for a burn center—since he was so good with people, she knew he would be a great fit.

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