Dog who spent 500 days in shelter gets adopted back with goodbyes from friends

The dream of every shelter dog is to find their permanent home, but there are some pets that can take longer than others to be adopted. These pets often form a special bond with shelter staff, who have known them over the months and years. And when the day comes when they finally find a home, it can be the emotional moment of saying goodbye.

When a dog finally left the shelter after 500 days, his caretakers gave him a very special goodbye.

Joey – a pittie mix came to the Niagara County SPCA in 2019 and it took him a long time to find the right home. The dog needs to be in a home without children or other pets, but the SPCA still holds out hope for a home out there for this “handsome, calm, and loving” dog.

But as the months passed, Joey quickly became the shelter’s longest resident. The rescuers said to each other, “Someone needs to help this poor baby”.

A couple expressed an interest in adopting Joey, and after meeting the dog in person, they felt an immediate connection and knew that was what it meant.

Joey’s happy ending is finally in sight, which means it’s time to say goodbye to his old friends at the shelter. But when the day came for Joey to move into a new place, the staff knew they had to have a special farewell for him. “The staff always want to make sure the dogs at the shelter know how loved they are, so we started a special send-off to let the dogs know how much they mean to them. for us and make them feel happy in their new home.”

All the staff members said goodbye to Joey in a special way: they all wore a necklace around his neck. The wreath around the neck is a symbol of the love that many people have for this beautiful dog.

It was great to see him with all the money he had amassed until the end of the day off. It must have been a bittersweet moment for these shelter workers, but thankfully they kept in touch with Joey.

His new owners have said he has settled well into his new home. “We absolutely love Joey so much and trust me that he is really good. He is truly a wonderful dog with so much love to give.”

He has adapted so quickly to his new home and we love every minute of being with him. He is also very obedient and he is definitely a very good student.

We’re still in tears knowing how long he’s been there, but you can tell he’s loved by so many. We are so happy that this dog finally found an owner and received such a sweet farewell.


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