Dog Tied Up In Garbage Bag And Left By A River Bed To Rᴏᴛ Is Rescued Just In Time

The two women were walking along the Messina rivers, in the south of Italy, when the whistling sounds of an animal attracted their attention.

Women have investigated a dog wrapped in garbage bags, poured among the rotting ᴄᴏʀᴘsᴇs of other animals.

The women tear the bag and are horrified when they see the abandoned dog being tied in the wire when the pests swallow its raw meat. The dog is also paralyzed by physical injuries for its hind legs. He greedily drinks the water they give to him.

Linda Li, an animal rescue volunteer, came and brought the dog to medical support. She named the dog “Oliverio” dog. Veterinarians realized that Oliviero was dehydrated, hungry and too weak to stand. It was a miracle that he lived for so long. Oliviero has escaped all the ticks and larvae. Later, a kind woman volunteered to take him in while he recovered. But Oliviero won the woman with his love, and she decided to adopt him!

Today, Oliviero is happy in the house forever. He is comfortable and loved, and finally lives his life that he deserves. His transformation is not only in his body, but also in his heart, mind and soul! A year has passed since the rescue and Oliveira has found a loving home with Dominique Mastroianni.

He loves his new life. Oliveira has brothers and sisters to play with and lovingly with their new mother and father. Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe that he was almost dead. Oliveira has gone a long way. He really has a strong will to live.


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