Dog soothes crying newborn baby by bringing his favorite toy

The question many couples have been thinking about is how will our new born baby get along with our dog? It’s a concern that leads some dogs to consider themselves abandoned, but it’s reasonable to always want your furry pet and your real baby to get along and be safe. Let the whole family be happy Ethernet

But most pets are fine with babies, and in fact many pairs of dogs and small owners have become each other’s first best friends. Even the biggest, toughest dogs can be extremely gentle and loving with children, especially babies.

Like a dog gave a very sweet gift to a new member of the family.


Many families say they even call the dog their “firstborn”.

Bonnie’s family was no exception, and when she was pregnant with her first real child, the dog Brutus knew it before anyone: Bonnie recalls that the dog suddenly became her protective hero in the early days pregnant.


“Brutus knew I was pregnant before we both knew and he certainly sensed it first,” she said.

When she gave birth to the baby and named it Kayden. Brutus and Kayden have been best friends ever since and the dog is ready to do anything for the baby including sharing his favorite toy.


Like many other dogs, Brutus has a particular favorite toy he always clings to which is a yellow plush ball. It was the only toy it didn’t tear in five minutes. But Brutus is willing to share that ball Kayden if it will make his beloved little self feel better about crying out loud.

Every time Kayden cries out loud Brutus finds his golden ball and tries to give it to him cutely, that’s true love. It is clear that this dog will have to take care of his new best friend for a very long time.

In fact, whenever Kayden cried, Brutus immediately appeared cheerfully and gently comforting, and that gesture was a very kind gesture. Whenever he heard Kayden cry, Brutus knew he had to somehow help.


Everyone is learning and growing with Kayden here. Thinking about adding a new member to the family will be an interactive guide for your pet. While Kayden is no longer an infant, he and Brutus are still as close as ever. Kayden is definitely a kid who can be lucky and we’re sure Brutus will always have a special place in your heart as Kayden’s first dog. Since that first day, Brutus hasn’t let Kayden out of his sight.

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