Dog Sheds Tears After Days Of Being Helped On The Street, Touching Story

A small puppy lay in a corner on the street and broke one of its hind legs. She was hit by a car. She lay alone, pitiful, frightened, weeping and tormented by pain. Does anyone know how long she has been in this place? No one detected or assisted.

Flies and maggots started attacking the wound, she cried a lot from the pain. The current condition of the puppy is very important and it needs help. The puppy is still very young and he has his whole life ahead of him.

“It will be heartbreaking for us to forget these painful glances, the anguished cries of a ᴅʏɪɴɢ puppy.” Her name is Molly. She was at a nearby veterinary clinic after being rescued by a team of volunteers who immediately brought her here. Molly was diagnosed with leptospirosis and bubonic plague. Molly was given an immediate blood transfusion by the vets.

Molly’s surgery is still underway. While she was very weak and comatose. Molly, let’s do our best. Believe in Molly. She is sure to cope and will surprise us all with her quads. We have complete confidence in this petite but strong young lady. Molly is feeling well, eating and sleeping much better than before.

Molly deserves nothing but the best. The boy has gone through a lot in the five months of his life. I hope she has a happy family. A new owner is waiting for her ahead.

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