Dog Gives Thank You Kiss to Firefighter Who Saved Him From Roof

Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department was responsible for appeasing this husky and earning its trust so that it could be brought back indoors in Maine, USA.

Since dogs have been man’s faithful companions throughout history, their ability to help humans in need has been well known. These abilities have been very helpful in easing many chores around the house or in the countryside.

However, there are times when these animal friends need human help to overcome challenges. This adorable husky was discovered in the US town of Wells in the US state of Maine and it looks like this is the case.

According to an image posted by the Wells Police Department on its Facebook page, the dog was chained to the roof and unable to move or respond to his owner’s cries for help. Although it seems like a small and simple problem, it needs the support of the city Fire Department agencies to intervene in this case and then save the fur without injury.

This official, to gain the dog’s trust, is said to have climbed onto the roof and reassured it. The fireman took him in his arms and carried him back through the window into the fireplace after they had fully understood each other. But before entering, the dog took a moment to kiss the firefighter on the cheek, as if to thank him for the rescue.

Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department, thank you for saving this cute puppy from being trapped on his roof. According to a statement from police, “Police Steve McDonald Video.” He wrote: “Thank you to everyone who contacted and assisted in his rescue. In 2018, this rescue was accomplished”.


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