Dog Found Buried Alive Defies Her Abuser By Making Full Recovery

A dog rescued after being buried alive, left to die under a pile of dirt and rocks, has fully recovered from that unimaginable ordeal

It’s great personality makes its efforts to take its life even stronger.

The aged pet, named “Athena” after the Greek goddess of wisdom, was discovered earlier this month in a dying condition on the outskirts of Paris, France. Thankfully, a passerby found her, and she was promptly saved from the apparent act of cruelty, but was discovered dehydrated and shocked.

Athena was then taken to V24 Veterinary Clinic, where caretakers began to repair the damage. More than a week later, the vets said she had made a full recovery.

“Her health is good,” said the clinic staff. “Since she’s a bit old, Athena wasn’t sure about us in the clinic at first because of her state of shock, but she’s much better now. She’s doing great,” said Barthélémy Balli.

When Athena realized that she was now among the people she could trust, her sweet, gentle aura began to shine. She is very friendly, not aggressive at all, is a good dog, and really nice.

Athena has since been placed in the care of the SPA, who may have found her a permanent home.

“I think they found a family for her,” Balli said. “There’s a police investigation going on, so we don’t have a lot of information on that.”

Authorities were able to track down the dog’s former owner, a 21-year-old man believed to be responsible for the disturbing incident. He has been charged with animal cruelty, French news agencies report, and now faces two years in prison and a fine of more than $33,000.


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