Devoted Grandpa Builds A Cart To Take His Sick Senior Dog On A Walk Every Day

We all get old. Even our pets fall victim to age. Not only do they get visibly older – their skin sags and their faces go grey – but they also experience the physical troubles of getting old. A lot of our pets will begin to experience arthritis and joint pains as they age. It can sometimes make life a little difficult or uncomfortable for them.

Tonino Vitale lives in Italy, and he loves his labrador pup Dylan to the moon and back.


At 13 years old, Dylan has led a long life. And unfortunately, the years have left their mark on his body.

When Vitale noticed that Dylan was becoming less energetic, he took his beloved pup to the vet. There, Dylan was diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and is unfortunately quite common in older dogs.

Knowing that his pup was getting up there in age and wouldn’t be around forever, Vitale decided to make each day count. Vitale started taking Dylan for a daily walks, but in order to accommodate his pooch’s sore joints, he created a simple solution.

Vitale built a cart for Dylan to lie on, and then he wheeled Dylan and the cart around and let the pup enjoy the fresh air and exciting scenery.

And soon after Vitale started taking Dylan out for his daily “walk”, he noticed that the senior pup seemed to become more alert and happy.




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